Looking for Apps that support Instructors and Learners in UDL implementation?
Here are some to get you started!




AudioNote - Take notes and audio record

Notability - Take notes, annotate PDF's, record with Dropbox Sync

OneNote - Take notes and sync on all your devices

Spell Checker - Record notes, spell check embedded, voice output

Screen Readers

Central Access Reader - Read Word docs, math/logic equations, mp3 output & more!

ClaroSpeak USA

firefly K3000  - text-to-speech in 18 languages

Voice Dream Reader - Text-to-speech

WordQ - Advanced in-context word prediction and spoken feedback

(Speech-to text)

Dragon Dictation - available for 30 languages

Dragon Search - search online content

Speechnotes - speech-to-text online notepad and typing

Concept/Mind Mapping


DrawExpress - gesture recognition diagram app.  Demo video

Mindly - mind mapping, cross-device use

MindMeister  - online mind mapping

Popplet & Popplet Lite - visual organization of ideas, using photos, drawing and text.

Organization Tools

Adobe Reader - add notes or drawings to PDFs, bookmark, fill-in forms

Catch Notes - Take notes, categorize, add voice notes, images from the
camera/gallery, and reminders.

EZ PDF Reader  - annotate PDFs, text-to-speech


ABBYY Fine Reader - Convert scans, images and PDFs into editable documents

Foxit Phantom - Edit PDF, scan and OCR export, and collaborate

NovaPDF  - Upload docs, converts to searchable PDFs

PDF Transformer - Read, comment, edit and protect PDFs, includes

Read & Write

Read&Write for Google Chrome - applied to complete Google office suite.


Dictionary.com - Dictionary & Thesaurus - Free – Definitions, no internet needed, with internet audio pronunciation, text-to-speech, plus dictation.

Multi Lang Dictionary and Translator - Text-to-speech with English, Spanish, Chinese, French,German,  Korean, Russian and more!


Accessibility Features - Zoom feature on Apple devices

BigMagnify Free - Magnify up to 8x

Magnificent Magnifier- Magnify up to 8x

Screen Casting

Explain Everything - Screen Casting Interactive Whiteboard

Learning Tools

Quizlet - Create study tools for learners, track progress, collaborate


Google Apps for Education- All programs (Doc, PPT, etc) provides learner collaboration/revision plus learner/instructor revision and feedback.

Read&Write for Google Chrome  Video

Online Polling

Socrative - online real-time questions, results visualization and more!


Turnitin - more than for plagiarism, fast feedback for learners

Writing Support

Antidote - French language correction, rich dictionaries and language guides

Goal Setting

HabitBull - track goals and follow-up


Nearpod - Create/customize mobile presentations, control learner activity in realtime, monitor/measure responses and progress


UDL Principle 4 - iPad and Accessibility