UDL Faculty Learning Community

UDL Faculty Learning Communities – Get Started!

Interested in starting your own UDL Faculty Learning Community?  Want to know more? Whether it be on your campus or inter-campus, a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) can support your growth in implementing UDL.

What is a FLC?

A Faculty Learning Community (FLC), or Community of Practice (CoP), is often a group of 4-7 cross-disciplinary faculty who engage in active, collaborative and supportive course redesign. A UDL-FLC may be of specific interest to those who want grow in their practice of UDL, offering participants the opportunity to explore their pedagogical practices and their alignment with the UDL principles. 

Specifically, UDL-FLCs make curricular redesign efforts to address particular learning needs or issues, as well as concerns for accessibility. Evidence shows that FLCs increase faculty interest in teaching and learning and provide safety and support for faculty to investigate, attempt, assess, and adopt newer methods.

The process includes seminars and activities that provide learning, development, and community building.  FLC members work together to reflect on their teaching and provide critical feedback to each other as a means to infuse UDL within their courses.

Typically, FLC participants select a course to which they: apply the curricular innovation (treatment); assess student learning (effect); and present their results.  These faculty members engage in monthly seminars and a retreat, if feasible. 

What’s happening locally?

Reflecting on the Quebec context, CRISPESH has developed a protocol for the creation of a Faculty Learning Community.  They also offer consulting services regarding the implementation of a FLC for UDL.  For information, please contact Paul Turcotte (pturcotte@cvm.qc.ca)

Modelled on the protocol developed by CRISPESH, Dawson College has an active UDL-FLC.  For information, please contact udl@dawsoncollege.qc.ca

What’s happening globally?