Curriculum Planning

Curriculum Planning:  A UDL Approach

Multiple Means of Engagement, Action & Expression, and Representation

I’m continually looking at what’s happening and looking at how I could change and evolve.  Some things have stayed the same from when I started teaching but other things have continually expanded as I’ve thought about different ways of doing things and different methods to use experience, trial and error and new technologies.”

Instructor (McGill University)

A UDL approach to course design differs from other pedagogical design strategies in that it begins by proactively considering and planning for the learner variability present in today’s post-secondary classrooms. In designing courses this way, instructors will employ the 3 principles of UDL by creating multiple means of representation, multiple means of engagement, and multiple means of action and expression which support building all elements of a course that include those learners who may have been in the margins of a one size fits all design.

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