Teaching & Instruction: Multiple Means of Representation & Engagement

“As unique as you are, so are each of your students. You’re designing your experience for your students.”

– David Hoida  (Centennial College &McGill University)

UDL tools that align with the principles of providing multiple means of representation and multiple means of engagement allow instructors to create flexible course materials, providing students with multiple options to access and process information, and to use pedagogical strategies that will engage and respond to the learner variability found in todays’ classrooms.

Find resources to investigate:

  • Accessible Course Materials – explore how to create flexible, accessible course materials
  • Multimedia – review available formats that address learning style preferences
  • Teaching Strategies  – develop teaching strategies that respond to learner variability
  • Technology  – delve into the vast world of accessible technology

See practical examples of UDL implementation: UDL in Action.