UDL Essentials

Investigate what Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is all about


“My journey to UDL was accidental and based on my needs. I came to it intuitively!”

– Sean Hughes (John Abbott College)

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Whether you are a beginner, building on your current practices, or a UDL expert, it’s important to understand the What, Why and How of UDL. There may be things you are already doing that fit within the UDL framework.

Take this quick survey to help identify your current practices which align with UDL principles, and those that you could implement in your classroom in the future.


Find resources to investigate:

  • UDL Framework  – understand the origins and history of UDL
  • Terminology – use the glossary to explore some of the common terms used in these pages
  • Resources  – delve into research and resources that have helped inform this toolkit

UDL maintains academic rigour.

UDL is an approach that empowers your creativity.

UDL supports learner variability in today’s post-secondary institutions.